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[RIP] Actor Mick Lally dies aged 64

Tucker Case

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Jul 28, 2008
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Actor Mick Lally dies aged 64 - The Irish Times - Tue, Aug 31, 2010

The actor Mick Lally has died. He was 64.

He had recently been admitted to hospital where he died this morning.

Famous for his role as Miley Byrne in the TV series Glenroe , he recently voiced a character in the Oscar-winning animation The Secret of Kells .

Born in November 1945 and reared in Tourmakeady, Co Mayo, he was the eldest of a family of seven children; five sisters and one brother. He went to the local national school in Tourmakeady and then to St Mary's College in Galway, the Galway Diocesan College.

Those of you in England and Ireland probably know him better than the Americans will.

For the Americans, he acted in such films as Circle of Friends, the Secrets of Roan Innish, and Alexander.

He was my mom's first cousin and he was really a great guy. I just got a call from another cousin about it. You'll be missed Mick. RIP.
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