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Right to Work and Unions

Right to work laws seems fairly cut and dry and no brainers to me on the outside, but lets dig a little deeper. First what is it? Well correct me if I'm wrong but Right to work Laws are put in place to prevent unions from collecting dues from non union members. Seems logical and makes sense right? Well did you know that Unions have to represent all workers at a company not just the ones in their unions. And all workers get the same contract. Now does it make sense for someone who pays their dues in order to receive these benefits and union backing to receive the same contract as someone who does not pay dues for union backing. to me it's pretty simple if you pay dues, then you are a union member and should receive the same contract, however if you do not wish to be a part of the union then you don't pay dues. However if you do not pay dues, then you should have to negotiate your own separate contract without union protection and backing.
Basically what I'm saying is Right to work laws only serve to break down unions and encourage people to disband them. also I'm saying federal laws should be changed so that unions do not have to represent non union workers and therefore can not collect dues from them. This would eliminate the need for right to work laws, and also create separate contracts for union and non union workers, which may or may not result in increased union membership. It can at least open peoples eyes up to see how much good unions really do for the worker. I don't agree with everything unions do, but I do back their basic principles of protecting workers and fighting for worker compensation. I believe there should be balance between well compensated employees while still allowing the company to prosper. where i get agitated is when a company becomes so strapped by union benefits that it can not function as a company anymore. This creates serious backlash for Unions.. That is where compromise needs to take place
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