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Ridding the GOP of progressives


Nov 8, 2010
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What's the difference between Nancy Pelosi and Trent Lott, John McCain, Lidsey Graham and several of the GOP leadership? ans. She's a woman and the rest aren't. They're all progressives who distain and fear the Tea Partyers. First Lott said the Tea Party was no big thing. Then when he realized, yeah they are a big thing, he said they would be co-opted into the party. During his campaign, McCain said, "They want to build a fence on the Mexican border". Well, what about you, John? He's in with amnesty for illegals just like the Dems. I knew right then what we were dealing with. Miss Graham is another one that has a lot in common with Rachel Maddow. The tentacles of Woodrow Wilson and FDR haven't just taken over the Democratic party. They're trying to get a grip on the GOP as well, which is why they're scared to death of the Tea Party.
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