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Rich Man Bad Man?

Thanks for the Comment. With a flat tax or a system not based on income- I hoped it would put an end to this incessant fixation on the rich. Let them to theirs and me to mine, and you to yours and. Politicians use it to manipulate and control. A lot of times you hear more Upper class envy on here then you do about wealth redistribution. My point is for my entire adult life- we have had this conundrum. Enough it is a false choice. The issue is that-we need to FORCE CHANGE TO OUR Government- most people aren’t satisfied. So I think we put pressure on the TWO PARTY system from outside- With the tea party movement. Most of the fight will be against party members ( Fellow Citizens) Who need the comfort of the Two Party system for their Identity's. Speak OUT! It is this political cycle that has brought us to - Question our heritage, and the role politics plays nationally in our election system. We tried the alternative extremes on the left and the right ( Bush to Obama) both times with the same result. The internet has helped us communicate and now we are starting to act like a third party- Like Massachusetts- and some of the upsets against main stream republicans, we have seen in recent times what the established political system does- It gives lip service to us until it wins control of government, then it governs with very little regard for the security and welfare of the governed. THIS IS DANGEROUS- soon in order to maintain control it will stop us from going to the polls and changing it- You can bet a lot of the good caring citizens( REP & DEM- Members) will go along with it. So they can keep their established institutions and not have to confront the uncertainty of change. Don’t look to the media to help you remain free- They are either or its not the drive by- its the RIDE ALONG WITH THEM MEDIA- They get on the bus with their fellow ideologues and gleefully chant the same rhetoric & when it comes to government they , PROUDLY WILL ONLY report what they ask them to( In the name of security). I leave you with this : IT is legal to detain you and keep you indefinitely and in secret- We all know this- under certain conditions it is true. NOW WHILE I WRITE THIS. Watch what you wish for. You change the government you do not change the tools they USE to govern- Both sides can use them for or against us when they get control of government after our national elections. change the institutions the fabric that is woven into our society- Then we can start over with something that will surely tend to corruption again- Because we will trust it and help it grow and become stronger ; but that will take generations. The foreseeable future will be better and we can change the nation thru peaceable means from the TOP DOWN.
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