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Rice will make an EXCELLENT Secretary of State

Jack Dawson

Dec 23, 2004
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She is studied, cordial and has credibility as a Bush advisor for four years.
This is business as usual.

After this last Presidential campaign, and with Democrats fading to the history books, we need a leader who will plot a desirable path not only to victory, but to a better America.

Most of the agenda needs to be a positive one. Ideas that can excite people about being Democrats. I suggest ideas such as:

a Flexible Federal tax that eliminates the income tax and other mandatory taxes and levies in creative ways on voluntary and leisure/luxury.


a universal medicare plan that uses the power of the market, consumer choice, and competition to include everyone, while driving down prices, and improving quality.

Yet we must start taking strong stands against corruption and dishonesty.

Democrats should filibuster the Rice nomination, and hold firm with at least 40 votes. If she participated in shaping the failed Iraq strategy, and made so many erronious statements on the record, we as Democrats can stand for Competence.

"Who could have thought they would use an airplane as a missile to ram it into a building?"

Since the Bush administration hasn't held anyone accountable for any of the failures from 9/11 through the Iraq war. We can do so from the minority. Truly, it would be difficult for us to lose any more seats. Now is the time to get a bold plan, and at least stand for something.

Craig Farmer
making the word "liberal" safe again
First, I would like to say that craigfarmer has flown off of the deep end. Now, I would like to say that Rice is an excellent choice. Did you see how she handled those questions? She is smart and knows her stuff. Only two far left liberals voted against her (John Kerry and Barbara Boxer). Everyone else could see that she is a fine choice, even dems.
He has a point. First of all I strongly support the removal of the income tax. It was used as a wartime strategy. Not only that but its the 100-200k a year people that get screwed. The people who don't work get money. The people that get alot of money find ways around it. The SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS in the 100-200k range take it hard.

Did you see the way she answered those questions? Well did you see the way she mislead the American public by reading political jargon splurted out by every member of the Bush Administration? (MUSHROOM CLOUD! AHH!!!)

Ridiculous. The whole administration is terrible. I can't think of any single one that I would want as a Secretary of State.
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