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Revolutionary Journal- Entry Three: Food Speculation, Embassy Attacks, and Banks

The show can be downloaded here.

This is the third episode and in it I discuss the origins, current problems, and effects of food speculation around the world. I also look at what efforts have been undertaken to curb food speculation and if there are any solutions to this problem.

In the second half of the show, I go into the attacks on the US consulate in Libya and embassy in Egypt, going beyond the headlines to get to the true motives behind the attack in Libya and the actual person beyond the movie that is inflaming people around the world.

I end with the news that more and more Americans are opting out of banks entirely. However, this only shows that the narrative of an economic recovery is false and that the job market is not doing well.

Changes to the show:

From now on it will be a download only show
as, while Soundcloud is great, it only provides me with a limited amount of space and I cannot afford a premium account. Regarding the setup of the show, I have decided to have the show set up into seasons. Each season will constitute 4 months worth of episodes or a total of about 16 shows. Thus, season one has began and will end in late December. I will then be taking a brief vacation before the show starts up again in late January.
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