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Restored Vintage World War II Bomber Certified to Fly

Rogue Valley

Nulla Misericordia
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Apr 18, 2013
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Restored Vintage World War II Bomber Certified to Fly

A World War II aircraft that took nearly 16 years to restore might be flying over Kansas in the next few weeks after receiving a certificate of airworthiness from the Federal Aviation Administration.

A nonprofit group called Doc's Friends on Friday officially accepted the FAA certificate for a B-29 bomber known as "Doc." The group has worked to restore the aircraft since its parts arrived in Wichita in 2000. The certificate is one of the final hurdles to getting it off the ground....


Restored WWII B-29 bomber "Doc"
Simpleχity;1065888718 said:
Sweet... at the same time darn!!!

I was hoping when I read the description of a restored WW2 bomber it was going to be my favorite as a young aero historian, the B 24 Liberator. But still, great to see these old birds still around. Have seen the B 17 they have at Boeing in Washington, and there is also another in an airport down in the Cocoa Beach area of Florida.
that's some gorgeous restoration work.
There is a terrific air show yearly at Geneseo NY with lots of old aircraft painstakingly restored. Same as Kansas, it is a group of dedicated volunteers.
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