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Resistance may not be futile...


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Jun 28, 2006
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Oaxaca, Mexico
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but we won't know till we resist.

"[FONT=&quot]The most important thing to learn about bullies is that they don’t expect resistance, and when it comes, they often back down — but not if the pushback isn’t serious."

The article goes on to mention the liberal attorney generals threatening to imprison people who don't agree that global warming is a man-made crisis, the mayor of Houston who demanded transcripts of church sermons looking for political enemies, and the IRS, of course, who tax collecting seems to be a secondary activity to being leg-breakers for the liberals.

They could have gone on. With the current administration, forcing government employees to sign non-disclosure agreements has become as popular as it is with Donald Trump. The attorney general was less than honest and cooperative on the investigation of the government arming the drug cartels of Mexico. The VA administration was less than honest and cooperative in the investigation of the medical services provided, or not. And, we saw witness hidden and forced to sign non-disclosure agreements, as I recall, on the Benghazi investigation.

It's time we fought back and the ones who are supposed to be leading the fight are the people representatives in Congress. We need backbone transplants for those in the House and Senate and if the surgery fails they need to be replaced.

We don't need another king and we don't need a liberal government running amok. Notice how shocked President Obama is not that he's let the beast out of the cage? What would happen if we got a new king who used the monster against the Democrats? The Democrats would learn what it's like and America would suffer.
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