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Republicans Vote Against $8 Billion Health Bill for 9/11 Relief Workers

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Mar 22, 2010
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WHy would they DO that? I suppose they want them to have their own health care cover them which is peachy by me. Well, read on........

House Republicans Refused to Vote for an $8 Billion Health Bill that Would Have Funded Relief Workers and First-responders

What is wrong with America? A country founded on principles every other country was envious of and now a country most countries would never want to be like. Case in point, the latest Republican (and Democrats) congressmen and women's refusal to pass an $8 billion health care bill benefiting first responders and relief workers on 9/11 who are now suffering chronic health care problems because of their heroism.

According to a story on
The Huffington Post, last week the House voted down an $8 billion health care bill that would have given medical benefits to people who, on 9/11 after the towers fell, were the first people to rush to the scene and try to help survivors. Many spent days in the rubble of the World Trade Center towers trying to find survivors, breathing in dust, debris and asbestos that, a couple of years later, began to give them breathing and lung problems. Many of these first responders and relief workers are minimum wage or low-income earners or, in this current economy, now unemployed. So to get proper medical care for their illness brought on by helping on 9/11 simply isn't doable for them. Why then would Republicans in the House vote down the bill? Simple. Two reasons - being cheap and bigotry.

The first reason Republican senators voted down the 9/11
health care bill was for cost reasons. As Representative Dave Camp, a Republican, said when he admitted he would vote against the bill and talked about the relief workers, "They went there to save survivors, not to raise taxes". All I can say is....Huh?

CONTINUED: House Republicans Vote Against $8 Billion Health Bill for 9/11 Relief Workers: What's Wrong with America? - Associated Content - associatedcontent.com

If there is ever another terrorist attack on this country, when they can't find relief workers to help, I wonder who will be blamed.
Of course you stopped reading after "Huffington Post". You must be one of those people suffering from an allergen to facts; a condition that manifests from watching too much Fox News and listening to too much Hannity and Rush. The Huffington Post always presents fact-based articles when reporting political issues. I've never read anything on the Huffington Post that was proven to be untrue and if you can present me with legitimate facts proving otherwise, than I humbly withdraw from this debate and apologize for addressing you. However, I'm confident that you won't be able to factually debunk anything that they post. I welcome your counter argument and would love for you to state the reasoning behind your refusal to finish reading the article. Consider this your challenge for the day!
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The "job killing taxes" that the GOP guys were against?

Closing offshore tax-shelter loopholes that let large corporations completely avoid paying income taxes. And when I mean completely avoid, I mean they pay $0 in income taxes even when earning billions in profits.

Seriously, GOP? ****ing seriously?
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