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Republicans: HK -- Support HK Protesters! BLM -- Support law enforcement!


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Jul 13, 2017
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Republicans are under some twisted delusion that they're on the side of "freedom."

Is it freedom to marry who you want? Nope.
Is it freedom of gender identity? Nope.
Is it freedom to make your own decisions about abortion? Nope.
Is it freedom not to have to stand for the anthem? Nope.

Oh, it's the 2nd amendment freedom. The right to bear arms and oppose an oppressive government? Not really. They took up arms in support of the government against the people!

If people living in Black communities oppose brutality by government law enforcers isn't that exactly the spirit of the 2nd amendment? Oppose unjust government? Wasn't the Boston Massacre and Tea Party basically riots opposing the government?

The whole idea of Republicans as freedom fighters is a delusion. Republicans are the kind of people who would have supported the British and "law and order." They would have protected the shipments of tea against the lawless masses trying to destroy private property.

They criticize China for cracking down on protesters yet they want their own government to do the same thing.

Of course, the cherry on the BS Sunday is that the leader of their law and order movement is himself a criminal.

How can anyone take these people seriously?
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