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Reports of looting, violence surface in flood-ravaged Pakistan


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Dec 23, 2009
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Reports of looting, violence surface in flood-ravaged Pakistan - CNN.com

(from link):
The United Nations has called for $166 million for clean water and medical care but has received only $25 million...

The overall global response has not been nearly enough, according to an International Rescue Committee-chaired consortium, the Pakistan Humanitarian Forum...

What is wrong with the picture conveyed by the numbers of the
"Total humanitarian assistence per donor" bar chart graphic located
in the left margin of the preceding link?

Well, to be absolutely fair there are a lot of damn things wrong
with it, such as that Denmark's donation (~10 $ million) to the
victims is over three times per capita more than that of the USA
(~96 $ million).

However, even the miserly USA appears generous compared to the
congregation of Islamic nations, whose population far exceeds that
of the USA, but whose aggregagate donations are even less than Denmark's!

Hopefully the graphic has missed something big, perhaps that the flood
victims' Muslim brethren have contributed their fair share, by oversight
omitted from the graphic. If so, does someone wanna provide citation?

On the other hand, it looks like $100 million funding for that Ground Zero Mosque
has been a snap. That makes me wonder if Muslim checkbooks are more
readily opened with a mind to political incitement (and it was obvious from
before the start that that Mosque would be politically inciting) than with
a mind to help those with such great need as the victims of this awful flood.
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