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Report: The Drug Trade of USA-supported PYD(PKK).


Aug 11, 2015
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- In recent years, the Turkish National Police (TNP) has made nearly 20 percent of the global heroin seizures...

- More recently, (2012-2013-2014) Anti-Smuggling & Organized Crime Department (KOM) under the TNP has conducted 11 heroin operations in collaboration with Sweden, USA, UK, Canada, Austria and Macedonia. These operations resulted in the seizure of over 20.400 kilograms of heroin and 56.738 kilograms of opium gum.

-In 2012, Turkey conducted 14 joint operations with Romania, Macedonia, Germany, USA, Sweden, Italy and the UK. In 2013, 25 joint operations were conducted by the Turkish law enforcement authorities with 15 countries, 10 of these operations being controlled deliveries. In 2014, Turkey conducted a joint operation with France and 4 controlled delivery operations with Germany, UK, Austria and Sweden.

-PKK/KCK terrorist organization is considered to be an important player in the international drug smuggling network due to its widespread connections in Turkey and Europe. Conducted operations indicate that the narco-terrorist activities of PKK/KCK terrorist organization are not limited to extortion or collection of protection money from smugglers but also include international delivery of drugs.

Turkey’s Contributions in the Fight Against Drug Trafficking / Rep. of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs


- Cannabisis the most widely used drug in Europe and it is estimated that cannabis accounts for around 38 % of the retail market for illicit drugs and is worth more than EUR*9.3 billion annually (range EUR 8.4 to 12.9 billion)...

-The heroinmarket is the second largest illicit drug market in the EU. It is estimated at EUR 6.8 billion annually (range EUR 6.0 to 7.8 billion) and is responsible for a significant proportion of drug-related deaths and social costs...

-Cocaineis Europe’s most commonly used illicit stimulant, with a retail market estimated to be worth at least EUR 5.7 billion annually (range EUR 4.5 to 7.0 billion).

-The market for the main synthetic stimulants, amphetamine, methamphetamine and MDMA, is estimated to be at least EUR*1.8 billion annually (range EUR 1.2 to 2.5 billion) in the case of amphetamines (including ethamphetamine) and EUR*0.67 billion (range EUR 0.61 to 0.72 billion) for MDMA/ecstasy.

-there is evidence of some links between OCGs involved in drug trafficking and terrorist organisations.

2016 EU Drug Markets Report launch | www.emcdda.europa.eu

-Almost one in four Europeans have tried illicit drugs
-Cannabis use: rising in Nordic countries
-Cocaine: Europe’s most commonly used stimulant
-It is estimated that 1.8 million young adults (15–34) used ecstasy in the last year (1.4 % of this age group), with national estimates ranging from under 0.1 % to 3.1 %.
-Opioids: 1.3 million problem users
-Opioids other than heroin: of increasing concern
-Overdose deaths: recent increases in some countries

EMCDDA | Drug use and drug related problems ? European Drug Report 2015

For total Drug-related deaths and mortality statistic by year: EMCDDA | Information on the drug-related deaths and mortality (DRD) key indicator


-According to the OECD FATF (Financial Action Task Force) Reports, the PKK terrorist organization controls 80% of drugs moving into Europe ...

https://books.google.com.tr/books?i...KK 80% of drugs moving into Europe&f=false

The PYD terrorist organistion gets weapons from USA, but more than that with drug money.

''European Drug Report 2015 — Get the facts ''

...''Waste'' 3.29 minutes of your life and watch the video for the future of your babies ,sons ,daughters, grandchildren, nephews.
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