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Report: Mossad recruiting Algerian youth


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Apr 13, 2011
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According to a report issued on Wednesday by an Algerian newsletter, Mossad, the Israeli spy agency, has begun to recruit Algerian youths to fight alongside the Syrian opposition, in the battle against Bashar al-Assad.

Sources within the North African country had told the Algerian daily al-Fajr, that the opposition Salafi groups operating within Syria had been held under the supervision of Mossad. They also claimed that the groups initiated campaigns to recruit Algerian youths through the use of propaganda, and talked of a frequent "Jihad in Syria".
In addition to Mossad's business in Syria, an Austrian official who was pulled out of the Golan Heights, was interviewed with the Palestinian news daily al-Manar. Providing crucial information with regard to Israel's affiliation with the Syrian opposition, he stated, "Israel crosses the border with Syria very often and interferes in Syria's border villages at an unimaginable rate and these interferences include assistance and aid (to the rebel and terrorist groups) in various logistic, military and medical grounds."

In late May, Qatari government sources confirmed that the Israeli government sent their coordinator on Syrian affairs to London, where the arming of the Syrian rebels was discussed with Qatari officials.

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[FONT=Open Sans, arial, helvetica]So is the Israeli Mossad recruiting Algerians to go fight in Syria? Are they providing aid to the rebels? This source claims they are. If so, this could turn out to be big news in the Middle East especially after Israel claimed they will stay out of the conflict. [/FONT]
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