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Remarks by President Trump in Thanksgiving Teleconference with Members of the Military (1 Viewer)


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Apr 6, 2017
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Issued by the White House 23NOV18


A random passage from the link;

”They have, from a lot of standpoints, you could call it branding, you could call it whatever you want, the job they’ve done on hurricanes in this country. They’ve saved thousands and thousands of people. In fact, in Texas, they saved over 12,000 people. If you think of what that means, over 12,000 people. They went into seas and they went into areas that nobody else would go into. And it was incredible. What they’ve done in Texas, what they did in Florida, what they did in Puerto Rico, the Coast Guard has really become a symbol of strength and perseverance and toughness and genius, actually. It’s purely genius.

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