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Religion of Peace? 3

The idea of a moderate Islam is a liberal notion that has no bearing in Islam context. The problem is that as Islam's presence and power in the West grow, as its institutions and mores gain wider following and acceptance, you can be sure that the deeds of its moral exemplar will follow. With a basic understanding of the sources that govern Muslim behavior, we are now better able to make sense of Islamic history. By examining how Islam expanded since Muhammad and how Muslims through history have sought to follow the example of their Prophet, we will be able to appreciate the danger presented by a resurgent Muslim world today.

Because of Islam's fundamentally political nature warfare is a constant and necessary aspect of its expression. The only check to Islam's historical expansion has been its own deficiencies or the superior strength of its enemies. There has been no rejection of Muhammad's policies of military expansion from within Islam, nor could there be without rejecting the very basis of Islam itself, the Koran and the Sunnah.

Islam's persecution of non-Muslims is in no way limited to jihad, even though that is the basic relationship between the Muslim and non-Muslim world. After the jihad concludes in a given area with the conquest of infidel territory, the dhimma (treaty of protection), may be granted to the conquered "People of the Book", Jews and Christians. The dhimma provides that the life and property of the infidel are exempted from jihad for as long as the Muslim rulers permit, which has generally meant for as long as the subject non-Muslims prove economically useful to the Islamic state. The Koran spells out the payment of the jizya (tax, Sura 9:29) which is the most conspicuous means by which the Muslim overlords exploit the dhimmi. But the jizya is not merely economic in its function, it exists also to humiliate the dhimmi and impress on him the superiority of Islam.

The West as a whole must wake up to the dangers of this "Religion of Peace" before we are all bowing to the east.


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Good thing Christians never did a jihad. Crusades are much better for kidnapping slave labor.
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