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Redistricting 3 March 2022, 46 States completed, 4 more to go.


46 states have completed their redistricting, 4 more remaining. We now have 391 newly drawn districts; 44 districts remain to be redrawn. Out of the 391 newly drawn districts, there are 37 competitive, switchable districts. Currently held by 25 Democrats and 12 Republicans. Safe seats as of 3 Mar 2022, 179 Democratic, 175 Republican.

States in litigation that will probably change the above listed safe and competitive seats depending on the outcome of the lawsuits are listed below.

Maryland – Democratic legislature

Nevada – Democratic legislature

New Mexico – Democratic legislature

New York – Democratic legislature

Texas – Republican legislature


PART II Safe Seat/Competitive seat watch

As of 3 Mar, the Democrats have 179 safe seats to 175 safe Republican seats. A 4-seat Democratic advantage. There are 4 states remaining who haven’t completed their redistricting which will change the above.

The importance of safe seats is that they let you know how many seats from the competitive column and those districts yet to be drawn for a party must win to gain control of the House. As of today, the democrats need 39 more seats to reach the magic number of 218. The Republicans need 43. It remains to be seen how many safe seats each of the 4 remaining states add to each party’s safe seat column. The 4 remaining states are New Hampshire, Florida, Louisiana and Missouri.
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