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Reddit BANNED Red Pill Men

Reddit has recently shadowbanned "The Redpill" group on their site by placing them into quarantine. This means that the redpill group will be removed from search results on Reddit and demoted in google search results to near disappearing. When you google "Reddit Redpill" nowadays, the first results are alternative groups like "Ask the Redpill" and "Redpill Women", and if I have a nickel for every time I said "Redpill" I could buy a house!

So why was RedPill Women allowed to stay active while its male counterpart was shadowbanned? I mean they both preach self improvement for the sake of finding a high quality relationship partner in the sexual marketplace - what's the difference?! The first difference is that Red Pill Women advocate for using sex to control men, because of course they do - but the second and more controversial difference is...

Red Pill Men is insane on the abortion issue. With many men advocating for drugging women against their will, manipulating women into doing what you want, trying to force an impulse decision by placing the abortion pill in her hand - and much much worse...

The fact is, Red Pill Men is insane on the abortion issue. When it comes to remaining single, these men are calling for crimes against women and the use of dark triad personality traits to alienate everyone around them. Its a textbook toxic community! I mean, if you restrict yourself to the 'self-help' posts, its fine - but its mostly a toxic community!

Then again maybe Reddit banned them because of politics, who's to say? I mean it wouldn't be the first time the site let political bias crush free speech - and chances are - it won't be the last.

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