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Recently it has been reported



Recently it has been reported (France: 3 Chechens charged with terror links - Yahoo! Canada News) that three Chechens were arrested in western France and charged with criminal conspiracy with terrorists. At first a French judicial source said that they belong to the Islamic terrorist group led by Doku Umarov, a Chechen militant leader, whom the USA also put on a wanted list of international terrorists.
But then it was found that the three suspects were also members of terrorist team of another well-known Chechen field commander, U. Akhmadov. Some time ago his troops were based on the territory of Georgian republic and actively co-operated with Georgian special services. Among other things it has been found that his militants forced leaders of other Caucasian Diasporas to send their representatives to Tbilisi’s conference, devoted to so-called victims of genocide in the Caucasus! It is known for certain that all detains have Georgian citizenship and have taken an active part in preparations of horrible bomb attacks in Moscow Metro this March! Good democracy has been established in this notorious Georgian republic, hasn’t it?
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