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Reason For TSA Problems At Airports (1 Viewer)


Jul 2, 2013
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Toronto, Canada
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I think that the reasons for the TSA problems is because these folks want to unionize.

The problems result from a deliberate work slowdown.

The employees are praying for a Federal Government take over of these services from private contractors because it is easier to unionize as a Federal Government employee.


He's correct about the intentional slowdown. In the airports that the airlines and local city threatened to replace TSA with private contractors (Charlotte for one) the slowdown has reversed and the wait times have drastically reduced. I fly almost every week, and I can see the distinctive differences between the cities and the TSA wait times at each.

The problem is that TSA wanted more agents, less hours per agent on the line, and more pay. In response to not getting those demands so far, they slowed down, causing a major financial negative impact to both the airlines and all the companies that have employees using air travel.

The fact that the TSA employees have intentionally slowed down at certain airports and not at others gives us even more empirical evidence that public unions are harmful to the country.
When I first posted, I was not aware of the issue being discussed and the overall history of the situation. I sort of reasoned the issue out in my own mind during these past few weeks while trying to think why there was such delays in travel.

However; since the replies here, I performed a Google Search ....

Dated May 18:

"Since last fall, the TSA workforce (unionized under the Obama administration) has staged protests at major airports (including Dallas–Fort Worth, JFK, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis–St. Paul, and Atlanta) organized by the American Federation of Government Employees, which is demanding full collective-bargaining rights under federal labor law, along with hefty pay increases."

"The reason full bargaining rights under Title V of U.S. labor law have not been extended to TSA agents is to protect the agency’s flexibility and discretion in the interest of national security."

Airport Slowdown: TSA Union Is Behind It | National Review
The problem with the TSA is not unions, but the fact that it even exists...

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