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REALLY meet Frauke Petry, the stammering voice of what can't self-identify


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Mar 8, 2015
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Looks like she has to take future training sessions in how to meet real journalism (something German media seem to be regrettably short of).


Excerpts from the transcript:

Sebastian: You have the distinction of being one German leader who has raised the possibility of actually shooting refugees on the border as a last resort. Are you proud of that?

Petry: Well, you see, I actually never said that................
Petry: Actually again, the use of weapons is not the same as using weapons against people. Again, I think it would be very…
Sebastian: And so if there was ever a Chancellor Frauke Petry, if such a thing ever came to pass, would you ever give an order to border guards, as a last resort, to shoot at unarmed refugees on the border? Would you be able to give an order like that?

Petry: You see, you see, that's the difference between the so called 'Schießbefehl', which actually was an order at the inner German…
Sebastian: But I asked you a straight question. I asked you a straight question. I asked you a straight question. Yes or no? Yes or no?
Petry: No, no, no, let me… let me… let me give… you have to bear my answer.
Sebastian: You don't want to give straight answers!
Petry: Oh yes please, but…
Sebastian: You wanted the publicity from it, didn't you?
Petry: Oh no, not at all, because I…
Sebastian: You liked having these headlines.
Petry: No, I did not produce the headline, I did not raise the topic.
Sebastian: It's very interesting, because one of your leaked e-mails which was published by Vice News has you saying, quoted, maybe you didn't say that: 'Pointed and sometimes provocative statements are imperative to get us a hearing in the media, to get us the necessary attention.' Did you write that in the e-mail?

Petry: Oh yes, of course I wrote that, but that's, but that's…
Sebastian: So there you are. This is your pointed and provocative statement, isn't it? You wanted these headlines. You are desperate for them.
Petry: But you don't tell me that this is something new in politics, because all the politicians do that...............
Sebastian: Ok, alright. Your previous leader Bernd Lucke and a number of his former colleagues, who say they are now so glad to have left the AfD behind them, he spoke of the 'Infiltration of the party by xenophobic, racist, nationalist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, homophobic, right-wing and left wing extremists'. Do you recognize your party from that description?

Petry: No, I don't and I think it's unfair. If that was supposed to be a question, then by asking this question you are basically anticipating me defending all that sort of prejudices, and I won't do that.

All of it here .

P.S. There's a cartoon going viral with Tim Sebastian (the interviewer) asking "you are Frauke Petry?" and Frauke responding with "I never said that" :lamo

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