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RCMP Thwart Pressure Cooker Bomb Plot In B.C.


Sit Nomine Digna
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Jul 14, 2012
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The RCMP thwarted an attempted bombing at the B.C. legislature on Canada Day where a celebration attended by thousands of people took palce. Amanda Marie Korody and John Stewart Nuttall were arrested with connection to this plot. “These individuals were inspired by al-Qaeda ideology. Our investigation demonstrated that this was a domestic threat, without international linkages,” assistant RCMP commissioner James Malizia said. There was no danger to the public as CSIS (Canadian CIA) knew about the plot earlier and the RCMP supplied them with defective materials to build the bombs. This is how we solved other terrorism cases in Canada, someone alerts authorities about it and the RCMP intervene before anyone is in danger, a previous plot was to build a fertilizer bomb and bomb government buildings. See America this is how you deal with terrorists, even with NSA spying you seem to unable to stop terrorists. It also proves we are fine without new Torie Anti-Terrorism legislation. An article from The Globe and Mail; can be found here.
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The only way to prevent terror attacks is to assume that all of your citizens are terrorists and collect as much data on them as you possibly can then get some computer program to generate a prioritized list of who is the most dangerous.
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