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RCL Exclusive Time Is On His Side: At 75, Keith Richards In His Own Words


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Dec 2, 2015
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Time Is On His Side: At 75, Keith Richards In His Own Words

In his 7.5 decades, Richards has come up with tons of tasty licks – and tasty quotes.

For better or worse, 2018 is the year some of the biggest stars from rock ‘n’ roll’s golden age officially entered their golden years.

On July 26, Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger turned 75. On September 6, Pink Floyd co-founder and bassist Roger Waters reached the same milestone.

And today, though back in the ’70s he probably wasn’t a betting favorite in Vegas to make it this long back, Stones guitarist Keith Richards is hitting the big 7-5 as well.

A somewhat incredible feat considering a respected publication like the BBC ran a piece entitled “Who, What, Why: How is Keith Richards still alive?” … more than eight years ago. (An addiction expert concluded Richards owed his longevity to having “the constitution of an ox.”)

He is what it is.
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