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Rationalizations of Limitations

Then we all agree? Start with all new citizen legislatuers?

We kick out all of the ones entrenched in washington and our state legislatures and start over? Ok.
On 3... 1.... 2.... 3. No party loyaltys. They have continually failed us and grown government beyond the sane limits and sensibilitys of our free society. We here by declare the two party system Corrupt and void of rational. Our participation in the political process will be directed towards maintaining the idea of." limited terms for representation from our elected officials". We are forced to vote against the incumbent, Be they good or bad. In order to limit the damage we have caused by our loyalties to the,
false choice of the two party system. In oder that we may enforce the declarations set out by the founding of our federated republican government.
You dont need a tea party or anything else to lead you. You are it.. You can do it with out a leadership. WE HAVE THE CROSS OVER VOTE!
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