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Rangel Walks Out Of Ethics Trial

The Prof

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Jul 26, 2009
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Rangel walks out of ethics trial - CNN.com

Embattled Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-New York, walked out of the House ethics subcommittee trial on Monday, complaining he has not had sufficient time to hire a new legal team to respond to corruption allegations.

1. Happy duck, dems!

2. There won't be any Dreams.

3. Nor Starts, nor DADT's, nor Disclosures, nor Immigration Reforms, nor Gitmo closings.

Democrats' agenda for lame duck session shrinking quickly | Washington Examiner

4. Only this abject SURRENDER on the Bush tax cuts for those grasping greedheads, ie, for ALL Americans.

5. Are you surprised, could you not see this coming?

6. Oblivious Obama sure couldn't.

7. And this---this Second Crucifixion of Charlie, third longest serving member of congress, chair of the most powerful committee in DC, Ways and Means.

8. And also the most corrupt charactar in the capitol.

9. Skipped on taxes for his San Dominican villa, failed to declare a million dollars of assetts, used four rent controlled apartments in Harlem, some for political purposes...

10. Most troubling to Ethics is his solicitation of donations for his Charlie Rangel Center at CCNY touchingly transcribed under congressional letterhead.

11. More offensive, perhaps, to the public is his political contributions to a pair of sitting democratic members of the Ethics Committee, itself.

12. Meanwhile, waiting is Ms Waters, it looks like she'll be tried under the careful chairmanship of Jo Bonner and his new tea drinking majority.

13. With no spin allowed, just look at the political headlines generated by the party still in power just since Tsunami Tuesday:

14. On the following Wednesday, obtuse Obama conducted his teleprompterless presser, the consensus reaction to which being, he doesn't get it.

15. His attempts to pass off his shellacking by pointing not to unpopular policies but his failure properly to explain them fell fully empty.

16. This is the man who repeatedly preempted primetime, who summoned congress joint assembled, who two days after he ultimately harpooned his legislative leviathan Ahab Obama wafted to IOWA CITY to sell it.

17. Obama continued to explain the election's meaning---under stress, Americans just can't quite think straight.

18. He then skeedaddled to Korea where the collective G20 kicked his caboose over QE.

19. Who is obnoxious Obama to bemoan the manipulation of Chinese currency mere days after Bernanke bought up 600 billion of rubbage?

20. The Globe reported: Obama's Economic View REJECTED On World Stage.

21. AP: G20 REFUSES To Back US Push On Chinese Currency.

22. The NYT: Obama's Glow Dims Overseas AS WELL.

23. National Journal called it his RODNEY DANGERFIELD moment.

24. Back in the Beltway, his top political adviser CAVED on the Bush cuts, which his party pusillanimously punted when it was still relevent.

25. The Pentagon EQUIVOCATED on the Afghanistan timeline, actually floating the date, 2014.

26. The Dept of Justice MUMBLED something meaningless on moving KSM to Manhattan, which aint never gonna happen.

27. The palsied speakeress, Ms Pelosi, inexplicably displayed that she too is as outta touch and tone deaf as her large lobed leader.

28. In so doing, she split her caucus along ugly lines, sapped her support, put dozens of die-hard dems in play for John Boehner to deal for.

29. And now this tawdry Trial of Charlie Rangel.

30. A president and a party decimated just last fortnite has in only two weeks since managed to DIMINISH itself dramatically more.

31. They can do no other, they're hardwired, it's in their doctrinaire, dogmatic DNA---Washington knows best.

32. Happy duck, dems!

The Prof
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