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Raise what's left of the flag.


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Sep 23, 2005
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It seems like we are all divided, like no matter what one party says, its wrong to the other party. If you ask me both parties have no idea. This war has changed everything, and bush was stuid for going in, and he is paying for that. But face it, he isn't going to be impeached. I think that was probably one of the stupidest thing the White House evr went along with. But it is enough for you to hate him? no matter what, as Americans, we need to find a common goal. It seems like every year the flag is being stipped of one more stipe. Is this what our forefathers wanted? For us to be one nation divided? I think it is time to be united, and stop bickering over politics. I think that the liberals are fools for not having any respect for other party for their politics, and not their personality. The conservatives are fools for supporting a war that makes no sense. Bush lied. Get over it.

~I voted for Nader.
shakenbake1 i agree with u,what can we do, mybe we need someone like u
and sir Winston to help us out, cause the second world war we need guys like the way u think.

regards mikeeey
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