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Racist Tea Party Nation defends racist Pat Buchanan's racist new book of racism

There is one thing racists just do not like! Other than minorities, that is. They really do not like minorities. But everyone knows that.

What everyone might not know is that one thing they really hate, other than people whose skin is a different color than theirs, is being called "racists." Nor do they particularly care for it when uppity minorities and negroes and such call one of their fellow prominent racists "racist."

This would explain why Judson Phillips, head of the racist Tea Party Nation, came rushing to racist Pat Buchanan's aid after this column and other progressive writers across the Internet referred to his new book, "Death of a Superpower" as racist and called for MSNBC President Phil Griffin to finally give Pat his walking papers.

In this case, Phillips adopts the "Pee Wee Herman" strategy of debate. "I know you are, but what am I?"

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Could someone/anyone please provide evidence of:

(1) Tea Party racism?
(2) Pat Buchanan's racism?
(3) Racism in Buchanan's book?

This information is neccessary to determine if this is being presented as fact or opinion...Thank you.
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