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Quoting quotes in posts quoting quotes


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May 13, 2016
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I noticed that when I quoted a post from another post which quoted my earlier post, the open quote to my earlier post was included in the quote when I clicked 'Reply with Quote'. The post I submitted with a quote of another author showed my authorship, with the contents of the post by another author.

I noticed this also happened in the post I was quoting. The poster included an open quotation bracket from his earlier post which made the contents of my quote appear to have been written by another author than myself.

I'll delete extraneous brackets as I notice them, but this one almost escaped detection. I'm not sure this is the forum, it's probably the previous poster's error. I've noticed that quotation brackets are not automatically closed/open when extra brackets appear or when partial bracketing is available. BBCode should detect [/QUOTE as an end quotation and QUOTE] as an open quotation, even if it doesn't automatically do it.
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