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Questions for candidate Joe Biden


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Feb 25, 2018
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A responsible and impartial fourth estate would be asking these questions to Joe Biden. Unfortunately, we don't have that, so I'll ask them. Mr. Biden can respond here or PM me privately. ;)

1. Mr Biden, you said that you would lock down the country if deemed necessary. Does that mean the entire country? Including rural places that have had few cases and no deaths?

2. You have said that you would listen to the science and scientists. Are you talking to any scientists right now? If so, which scientists? Can you name the ones who would be on your Covid team? And if you are not talking to any scientists, why not?

3. Will you also include non-epidemiologists in your team? People like psychologists, sociologists and economists? People who will help you weigh the social and economic advantages and disadvantages of lockdowns. Suicides and unemployment are both way up this year and those concerns need to be balanced with the pandemic.

4. What will you do if the scientists disagree? Even epidemiologists are not unanimous how best to handle the pandemic. And if you include economists and psychologists, who will probably argue against complete lockdowns, then you will likely have to decide which experts to listen to. What basis will you use to resolve these differences?

5. If you try to implement a national lockdown, you will quickly find that the president doesn't actually have the power to do this. And that many states have their own policies and will not take kindly to Washington telling them how to run things. What enforcement measures would you use to compel them to follow your orders? Will you withhold federal funding? Send out the national guard?
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