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Qanon is designed to keep the evangelicals from seeing the EVIL that is Trump


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May 26, 2020
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menifee calif.
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Christians, hearing about ***** grabbing, and porn star payoffs, letting ill relative children suffer, foul lies etc, developed cognitive dissonance. They couldnt reconcile following this man as if a religious icon. Trump is OBJECTIVELY EVIL. He has Hitlers book of speeches. He was taught by Roy Cohn, how to be legally evil. His father taught him racism, and likely sexism. He has not put any effort into betterment, in his entire growing up.

So, how do you keep holy rollers from bolting such a ****heel? You design a religion, that's aim, is so good, that it papers over all the scum that is Trump. Baby eating, and child rape. Children sold, as in slavery. Such evil, needs a champion, that is hard. As hard as the evil he is called upon to stop. So, the filth he issues from his piehole, and his twitter finger, is simply swallowed, by the good he will do. The hatred that right wingers feel, for libs, is JUSTIFIED, by the evil they do. Hell, gassing libs, would be too good for them.

The pandemic has stopped most church activities in person. Those people that got their life journey tips from church, were then supplied by an industry, designed to compensate for no church. It used churchy language. And parables to make its points.

It is not as if these things are new. This is simply a regurgitation of the McMartin scare period. Replacing daycare teachers with libs.
The actual truth of the Qanon prophecies and pronouncements, becomes less important. The important thing, that libs are evil, they are cooperating to ruin the planet, and must be stopped, by any means necessary. Seriously, wiping out all libs, would be counted as holy. Cruelty, lynching, torture, all far less than the evil of what they are used to combat.

It now becomes clear how Hitler blended NAZISM with Christianity, and even used it to rule. Qanon, is being used to leapfrog upon the zombie cult. Those that were zombies, were to be killed. If it takes ten bullets, or fifty chops of the ax, there is no emotion. For they are evil, and will eat you.

This also answers how in Ireland, killing and terrorism, could come from religion. We are likely to see CHRISTIANS, setting up bombs, and other terrorism, if Trump loses. They will spout the glory of God, when they issue their warnings of the others to come.

MAn is ignorant. As ignorant as the middle ages. Ignorant as cavemen. AS ignorant as adam and eve. As ignorant as Cain and Able. We have been sold Hutu and Tutsi hatreds, and given orders to slaughter our opponents. And, like evangelical Christianity, will usher in heaven, when the evil libs are destroyed.

Evangelicals are looking for answers online. They’re finding QAnon instead.

At one point he brought up QAnon, the conspiracy theory holding that Donald Trump is fighting a secret Satanic pedophile ring run by liberal elites. When he asked what they thought about it, the response was worryingly ambiguous. “It wasn’t like, ‘I fully believe this,’” he says. “It was like, ‘I find it interesting.’ These people are dear to me and I love them. It’s just—it felt like there was someone else in the conversation that I didn’t know who they were.”

Frailey told me about another young person who used to regularly attend his church. She was sharing conspiracy-laden misinformation on Facebook “like it’s the gospel truth,” he said, including a quote falsely attributed to Senator Kamala Harris. He saw another post from this woman promoting the wild claim that Tom Hanks and other Hollywood celebrities are eating babies.

The tenets of QAnon are specific: that Trump is the chosen one to finally destroy a ring of Satanic pedophiles long protected by access to elite positions of authority, and that Q will provide the clues to lead followers to the truth. But the movement has mingled with so many other conspiracist causes and ideologies that it is now possible to be a carrier of QAnon content online without actually knowing what you are spreading. QAnon is now driving anti-mask activism and health misinformation campaigns, for example. There are QAnon politicians running for Congress. The beliefs have an affinity with apocalyptic Christianity, too, and there are resonances with Christian nationalism.

Evangelicals are looking for answers online. They’re finding QAnon instead. | MIT Technology Review
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