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Putler/Muscovy attacks Paris , Washington is the next one? What Trump will do?

is Washington the next one?

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Sep 2, 2017
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Putler/Muscovy attacks Paris , is Washington the next one for Putler ? What Trump will do?


The two men holding the flag were identified as French nationals Fabrice Sorlin and Xavier Moreau – both supporters of Russia-backed militants in the occupied Donbas.

During a yellow vest rally in Paris, two Frenchmen were photographed boasting the flag of the so-called "Donetsk People's Republic" terrorist organization.
The photo was posted on the WarGonzo Telegram channel. The men were identified as supporters of Russia-backed Donbas militants, Fabrice Sorlin and Xavier Moreau. According to the information published on the “Peacemaker” website, Xavier Moreau visited the occupied Donbas as an "observer" at the pseudo-elections of November 11 this year.

Fabrice Sorlin is the leader of the ultra-right organization Dies Irae ("Judgment Day") and a fan of the "Russian World." He also illegally visited the occupied territories of Donbas, after which he wrote a number of pro-Russian columns in French media. As UNIAN reported earlier, another wave of yellow vest protests has swept through France on Saturday. Police vans and armored vehicles are seen along Paris streets. A total of 89,000 police officers have been deployed to ensure public order. Ahead of the rally, law enforcers detained more than 300 people they believed could cause trouble."


Pro-"Russia" Social Media Takes Aim at Macron as Yellow Vests Rage

Among 600 Twitter accounts known to promote Kremlin views, the top hashtag now is #giletsjaunes, the French name for the so-called Yellow Vests protest movement, according to the Alliance for Securing Democracy, a unit of the German Marshall Fund of the U.S. that monitors those accounts and other pro-Kremlin activity.

The Twitter accounts monitored by the alliance usually feature U.S. or British news. But the French protests “have been at or near the top” of their activity for at least a week, says Bret Schafer, the alliance’s Washington-based social media analyst. “That’s a pretty strong indication that there is interest in amplifying the conflict” for audiences outside France, he says.

A major theme of recent tweets is that French law enforcement is on the verge of mutiny. That assertion – which doesn’t appear to be supported by facts – resembles other Kremlin-backed disinformation campaigns that have tried to engender mistrust in Western governments and show that liberal democracies are in decline, Schafer says.

Russian State Media
Much of the tweeted material comes from Russian state media outlets including the Sputnik news website, the RT television network, and Ruptly, a German-based video news agency that belongs to RT. These outlets are covering the French crisis closely; RT has said that 12 of its journalists have been injured in the protests, far more than any other news organization.

Sputnik and RT have reported in recent days that most French police no longer support Macron and are siding with the protesters. Their sources: representatives of two small police unions that together won less than 4 percent of votes in nationwide union elections this month. Sputnik and RT also have shown a video – widely shared on French social media -- of police in the southwestern town of Pau removing their helmets in what was described as a sign of solidarity with protesters. Local police and journalists on the scene said the description was untrue. They said some officers had briefly removed their helmets to talk with protesters before putting them back on.

Sputnik and RT didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.
So now the claim is that the Yellow Vest protests are all a Russian idea? Or could it be more accurate to say the Russians just see an opportunity to add to the discord, much like we do in Iran and other countries?
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