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Putin's ideologues (1 Viewer)


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Sep 8, 2020
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Putin's ideology is built on a select few philosophers and historians he keep in his inner circle.

Aleksandr Dugin
-an antisemitic far right fascist leaning philosopher who promotes an Anti- Western, Anti- Liberal world view (because western liberalism is a Jewish conspiracy), where Russia rejects all democratic values and rebuild the old Russian Empire.

Aleksandr Dugin: The sinister ideologue who's Putin's favourite philosopher

Russian intellectual Aleksandr Dugin is also commonly known as 'Putin's brain'

Aleksandr Dugin: A Russian Version of the European Radical ...

Vladislav Surkov
-Putin's main ideologue when it comes to Ukraine. A long standing member of the Moscow bureacracy who is believed to be the planner behind Russia's gradual dissolution of democracy. Surkov believes in a future where the ideology of "Putinism" will outlive both Putin and himself. Surkov is also believed to be the main link between the Lukhansk and Donetsk separatist republics and the Kremlin.

Surkov: Ukraine pointman and Putin's ideologue

Meet the most powerful man you’ve never heard of

“There is no Ukraine”: Fact-Checking the Kremlin’s Version of Ukrainian History

Vladimir Medinsky
-Putin's advisor regarding history and culture (and former Minister of Culture), and the reason Putin don't know shit when it comes to history. An ultraconservative firebrand who believes in a very narrow nationalistic version of history, and Russian miltary supremacy. He believes that even historical events that are false and actually never happened should be treated as truth because they are "sacred legends". Medinsky is probably the one who ghostwrote Putin's speecha last month ( a few days before the invasion) where he denied the right of Ukraine to exist. He is also at the negotiation table which is one of the reasons I don't think Russia is taking the negotiations seriously.

The Only Russian Official Angrier Than Putin at How Things Are Going in Ukraine

Profile: Vladimir Medinsky, Russia's Controversial New Culture Minister

With these people having Putin's ear you can see what the ideology of "Putinism" is about. It's about expanding Russia's border by taking back land from countries that "have no rights to exist". It's about rejecting all Western values and Democracy and elevate an arch Conservative far right view of Russian nationalism and history. It's about explaining every bad thing that has happened to Russia as being a part of a conspiracy of Jews, LGBTQ people and Western saboteurs.
Surkov was removed as the Kremlin plenipotentiary for Ukraine in early 2020 and replaced with Dmitry Kozak.
Mehdi Hasan has been covering some of the intellectuals influencing Russia's fascism.

Dugin is an admirer of Julius Evola. Something tells me Russia is projecting when they claim they are fighting Nazis in Ukraine.

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