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Putin hopes US spying claims 'won't harm ties'


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Jun 1, 2006
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BBC News - Putin hopes US spying claims 'won't harm ties'

Quote(Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says he hopes a series of arrests over an alleged spy ring in the US will not harm US-Russian relations.)

What a crock!

Quote(The Russian foreign ministry has said the US allegations are baseless and a throwback to the Cold War.)

They do seem to be changing their minds?

Quote(Mr Putin briefly mentioned the case at his country residence where he met Mr Clinton, who was in Moscow to speak at an investment conference. "Your police have let themselves go. They are putting people to prison," he said. "We hope that positive things achieved in recent years will be preserved. We also hope that people who value good relations understand that.")

In other words do as we want!

Quote(The Russian foreign ministry said on Tuesday that some of those detained in the US included Russian citizens, but insisted they had done nothing to hurt US interests. A ministry statement said Moscow wanted the US to show "proper understanding" taking into account the "positive character" of US-Russian relations.)

Done nothing to harm US/Russian relations? Just what were they doing in the US, selling Babushka dolls?

Quote(Earlier, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Moscow expected Washington to provide an explanation.

"The moment when it was done has been chosen with a special finesse," he added with apparent sarcasm, declining further comment.

Mr Lavrov's comments suggest that he thinks it is an attempt by someone or some group within the US power structure to undermine newly warming relations between Moscow and Washington, the BBC's Rupert Wingfield-Hayes in Moscow reports.)

How strange that the US would actually have the temerity to complain just be cause we Russians want to gain some insight into what your plans are?
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