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Putin end game: the Russification of Ukraine


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Jul 17, 2020
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Springfield MO
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The end game will occur once the Russian army is finally successful in conquering Ukraine, but there are already broad hints of what it will be, which is the Russification of Ukraine.
Why do you think Putin is leaving the migration routes open and generally not attacking them? It’s because he wants as many Ukrainians to leave as possible. The weaponization of migration. He is saying “Hey, Europe, you love Ukranians so much. Here, you can have them!”
It’s also one reason he is attacking the civilian infrastructure of the cities. No food, no water, apartment is destroyed, not much reason to stay. Estimates are that as many as 8 to 10 million Ukranians will have migrated to Europe before it’s all over. And will Putin ever allow them to come back? Of course not! He is the agent of the Great Ukrainian Diaspora.
And then what? Putin will initiate a huge rebuilding project for Ukraine. “See”, he’ll say, “Look at what a good person I am. I am rebuilding the nation. Let’s all be friends again!” And many will be fooled by his deceit and do so.
But what he will not say is that he will also initiate a huge migration of millions of Russians into Ukraine to repopulate so that there will never again be an actual “Ukranian” Ukraine, but rather simply an extension of Mother Russia.
And there you have it. The Putin end game: the Russification of Ukraine. Forever.
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