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Putin afraid of little old lady (1 Viewer)


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Oct 20, 2018
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Piece of shit, Putin, is so afraid of free speech that he has peaceful little old lady protestor arrested.

Elderly woman who survived Nazi Germany is detained in Russian anti-war protest​

“An elderly woman who took part in an anti-war protest in St Petersburg to protest Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been arrested.

Yelena Osipova, a well-known activist and artist who survived the Nazi Germany’s Siege of Leningrad as a baby, was at the protest site in St Petersburg on Wednesday holding two anti-war placards that urged soldiers to lay down their arms.

The Russian authorities detained her as the crowd chanted anti-war slogans around them.

Thousands of people have reportedly been detained so far.”
Saw that on TV powerful image. Also 8K people detained in Russia last week. I know media is being highly controlled by Putin but 8K people know 32K people who know......?

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