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Purge Of Senior Officials At Foreign Broadcast Agency Stirs Fear And Outrage


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Jan 22, 2019
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Purge Of Senior Officials At Foreign Broadcast Agency Stirs Fear And Outrage

A sweeping purge of executives at U.S. government media outlets widened this week.

At least six of the top 10 executives at the U.S. Agency for Global Media were removed from their posts on Wednesday. Critics say the housecleaning threatens to destroy the firewall meant to separate government news entities from the White House. They warn it could turn broadcasters such as the Voice of America and Radio Free Europe into distributors of propaganda on behalf of the Trump administration.

The shake-up started in June after President Trump appointed a new CEO and director at the agency, conservative documentary filmmaker Michael Pack.
Chief Financial Officer Grant Turner, who had been USAGM's acting CEO and director before Pack's arrival, is the most senior official affected. He had returned to the role of the company's chief financial officer. Now he has been put on administrative leave.

I hope American Justice System can Lock Trump's Ass Up FOREVER .... !!!

This Hitler Wanna Be... S.O.B!!!! continues to damage everything of and about America.

Trump needs to meet the fate and join this list of other leaders who have done grave damage to their nations.

The Republican Politicians and Cabinet Members that back this bull****... Should all be Tried and Sentenced for Subversion!!!
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In general, you are likely correct. In practice, people tend to pass over rants that are filled with colored fonts and all caps screaming. You can make your point without going overboard. More people will actually read it.
That said, Trump is trying to turn it into Trump TV. Although it is now too late to affect the election. But some of those pushing this are not really concerned about Trump's outcome, they are concerned with making a permanent change to the mission of the FBA. They want it to be an American propaganda device. Not concerned with the condition of the world, but only the condition (wealth) of the USA.
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