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Pure And Impure Food

Dec 3, 2005
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St.gallen, Switzerland
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Some brothers raised a question about food.

The Master said:

"There exists the danger that we might stumble in our development if we do not know how to eat, how to drink water, how to breathe and how to assimilate food. Man possesses an inner feeling which advises him as to which kind of food he should take; and if he lets this feeling guide him, he will choose his food properly. Man can re-establish this feeling when he lives a life of purity.

"Why should one not overeat? Because a great portion of brain energy goes to the stomach, and the brain cannot complete its work. When one overeats, he squanders the entire brain energy on the work of the stomach. There needs to be a certain amount of reserve energy in the brain.

"By consuming vegetarian food, man becomes more purified. Meat contains more toxins and makes a man coarse and primitive. When animals are slaughtered, they experience fear which forms terrible tox-ins in their organism. The people who eat this meat, assimilate these toxins into their systems and as a result, diseases appear, especially neurasthenia. One of the reasons for the existence of disease is the indiscriminate slaughter of animals.

"The one who wants to enter into the race of Love must, by inner persuasion, give up eating meat. Man must recreate his organism. Should he not be able to do so, he will continue to live with animal instincts for a long time.

"When water comes to a boil, an expansion occurs within it. As a result, prana - magnetism - is released and can be more easily assimilated by man.

"It is very interesting to observe how the Intelligent Nature purifies water. When it evaporates and rises to the higher strata of the atmosphere, the water breaks down into hydrogen and oxygen. In this way, it becomes completely revitalized. After that, the hydrogen and oxygen re-unite through the electricity. The water dies and is reborn just as man does in order that he may be revivified.

"When we hold a piece of bread in our hand, we must be filled with gratitude for the sacrifice which the bread makes. Go deep within yourself, contemplate and say: 'I desire to sacrifice myself as the bread does.'

"When you eat an apple, put your love into it, empathize with the tree on which it grew and your soul will contact the Evolved Beings who have worked on its development. If you come to love the apple and receive it into yourselves, you will improve your energy more than had you worked an entire year."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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