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Public warned as oil spill hits Hampshire beaches


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Jun 1, 2006
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BBC News - Public warned as oil spill hits Hampshire beaches

Quote(Oil has been washing on to two miles (3.2km) of Hampshire coastline after a pipeline leaked in Southampton Water.

About 20 barrels of vacuum gas oil were spilled at Esso's Fawley terminal on Sunday night as a ship was unloaded.

Affected beaches from Hill Head to Solent Breezes have been closed and people told to stay out of the water.

An Esso spokesman said health risks were "very, very low" and the oil was only a "potential carcinogen" to people with repeated, prolonged exposure.

Esso said the unloading was immediately stopped on Sunday night and it was working to clean up the spill.)

ESSO is an offshoot of EXXON, nice to see they stepped up to the mark and said they would be responsible for the clean up.

Quote(Esso said it apologised for the "regrettable incident".

"We are working with the local authorities concerned, to clear up the oil as quickly as possible.

"We continue to work with the Harbour Master and are diligently checking surrounding areas," it said in a statement.)

Pretty much what BP said.
I imagine that if this spill had been 20 barrels, BP would have been just as successful.

Now we can put the boot in and scapegoat 'American Exxon', promise to arbitrarily 'kick ass' then go on to turn the tables further by talking about 'typical black women' to top it off.

'Brother' Obama would just have to sit there 'grooving on it', as his leftist bigotry and racism comes back home - or show himself up a hypocrite too!
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