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Prosciutto Wrapped Pot Roast


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Dec 1, 2011
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2-6lb beef roast
2 bay leaves
brown gravy (optional)

First, marinate the standard pot roast (rump, bottom round or chuck) for several days, refrigerated in a sealed plastic bag. You can use your own beef marinade or store bought. The marinade is not essential but it helps bring some improved flavor and tenderness to the meat. The base for most of my beef marinades are soy, worchestershire, tenderizers and spices (garlic & onion powder, black pepper).

Ready to cook by smearing a light layer of minced/crushed garlic on top, then wrap/top with Prosciutto. Fill pan with water 1/3 way up the roast, cover with foil and cook at 325F for 1.5 hrs.

Take out, reduce some of the liquid if there's too much, then add veggies and bay leaves, recover and finish cooking at 300F for another 2.5 hrs. You can add the veggies in the beginning but they will be mushier and less tasty. The cooking time and temp may vary on roast size, type and doneness. I like medium to well done on this 5lb chuck.

When finished remove the Prosciutto and scrape off the garlic layer with a spoon and dispose. Leftover processed garlic can be rough to digest and overpower the flavor profile. Also take out bay leaves, drain some of the juice, leaving a layer behind to serve with brown gravy. Some people add a cup of dry red wine and less water in the beginning, letting it thicken with the meat/veggie juices, making an aus jus - mirepoix. Either way is good.

Bon appetit. :)

Marinated Roast

Wrapped Roast 002.jpg

Garlic Coating

Wrapped Roast 003.jpg

Prosciutto Wrap

Wrapped Roast 004.jpg

Added Veggies

Wrapped Roast 005.jpg

Cooked Pot Roast

Wrapped Roast 006.jpg
Cripe - this sounds too good to be legal!

I will try it!
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