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A lot of people are quick to shout propaganda.

Do they see the propaganda, really?

Iran this, Iran that, Iran the other. First it was Iraq...been there. The it was Afghanistan...been there. Lebanon...been there. Libya...been there. Now the propaganda is pushing Iran. Oh my God, Iran's going to go nuclear and blow everyone off the face of the earth. Then they'll eat the bodies. Someone should go over there and stop them, wink wink.

Get real.


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Jun 23, 2012
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It is not really propaganda if it is true. They won;t eat bodies, but they will try and blow some stuff up if they get their hands onto a nuclear weapon. They hate Israel with a burning passion, I actually wrote my report about this. Iran thinks, Israel are full of infidels and it shall be destroyed, that is why they fund Islamic extremist.
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