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Prog-Left Now Openly Calling All Would-Be Killers To The Kill


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Jan 29, 2015
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Prog-Left Now Openly Calling All Would-Be Killers To The Kill​

God Bless and keep safe from harm all youth and young adults with the courage to stand up for life!
Fueled by mainstream, social media and celebrity Twitter accounts, the hate-spewing progressive-left is now openly calling all would-be killers to the kill.
It happened on Friday night when it became A-Okay to call for violence on Christian high school students who have been coming out in increasing numbers to “march for life”.
If you can’t kill the enemy, you can at least maim and cripple them by kicking them in the groin.... The bigger story is that with the mainstream and social media and celebrities living behind walled mansions egging them on, the prog-left have gone all the way from mocking and smearing their targeted enemies to loud dog whistling to have them left vulnerable to potential physical harm.
Incredibly, vicious threats left online for kids caught up in the Catholic Covington High School hoax has forced school administration to hire security for their student body today.
Even in this era where anything you say or do can be taken out of context and then used as a means to destroy your entire life; even in an era where school children are indoctrinated from kindergarten to Grade 12, hundreds of thousands of students brave the cold, the media, and unhinged activists to take a stand for the unborn in growing numbers each year.
In other words, teenagers who made it past a thriving abortion that kills millions of babies in the womb each year, all of them proud escapees of the indoctrination of the public school system, are not only coming out in increasing numbers to stand in defense of the unborn, but real time is already proving that They.Are.Here.To.Stay.

The pushing of the of lies, harassment and craziness has gone to the extreme against law abiding USA citizens. If you are LAW abiding the more distortions of the truth prevail in the MSM. On the other hand if you favor toward the socialist and MSM, you are considered a hero or SJW. Some thing has to give and when it does it will not pretty and VERY damaging to our country. We are being pushed to the "breaking point", it's going to explode in their faces as it should.
Progressive Marxist Socialist Democrat terrorists are slowly being outed because their 'shadow government' knows they are losing the War, and are forced to throw EVERYTHING against President Trump because time is short. Trump has exposed the corrupt Dept. of "Just-Us", the 7th floor of the FBI, and the FAKE NEWS. Now we are starting to get information about the Queen's Privy Council and their involvement in the "Spygate" and "FISA-Gate" scandals. Do not be surprised about coming confrontations and 'False Flags' in the streets and around DC monuments because the Lame stream media 'Lackey's' will spin it as directed by their handlers.
The "pot" is slowly beginning to "boil over." I think Americans have had enough of the hatred spewing from the left. These people, who gather up, do they even know what they're hating? So a bunch of young people got together for a "Pro-life" march and I bet they thanked God that they weren't aborted by uncaring parents, it's a "good thing", no way is it a "bad thing" to celebrate Life, Life that God gave us and these "creatures" who simply are blinded by hatred. Of WHAT? President Trump? Seriously?
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