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Problems with European Court of Human Rights


Oct 25, 2010
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Hello! I’m from the Republic of Georgia. I just don’t know where else to write and to whom I should complain... I’m despaired... My father was killed. You see he was under investigation in pre-trial detention center. They accused him of slander against our president Saakashvili. A few months ago his lawyer decided to file a suit in ECHR because the investigators were pressing upon him so that he gave false evidence. Well after that you see they started to plainly torture him: they beat him, they raped him, and they banned all meetings with relatives and even with his lawyer... While a week ago they told us he died after accidentally falling from the stairs!! You know the authorities refuse to investigate saying the case is clear. The ECHR closed the case because the compliant is dead. President Saakashvili openly ignores all our messages to him. All in all no one listens to us...
But I don’t believe my father’s death was accidental because as I’ve found out there’ve been 16 similar “accidental” deaths among those prisoners who filed a suit in ECHR while the rest of them are being under enormous pressure on the part of the authorities!! You see there’s a feeling that someone is just trying to get rid of them so that they wouldn’t be so troublesome...
I was wondering maybe you could tell me where to write to stop the lawlessness...
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