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pro solar panels anti mining


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May 6, 2011
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A local conservation group is a perfect example of just how insane and out of touch with reality these radical enviro's are. On the one hand, solar good, on the on the other hand mining bad. LMAO

Big mine. Bigger trouble.

The bigger the mine, the bigger the risks—financial and environmental—and make no mistake, the Rock Creek Mine as proposed is immense. Revett’s proposal calls for tunneling three miles deep into the heart of the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness. Ore will be mined by blasting and hauling of the rock to a mill facility located within grizzly bear habitat in the Rock Creek drainage. Mining will create large underground rooms held up by rock pillars. One hundred million tons of waste rock will be dumped in an unlined pile just a quarter mile upstream from the Clark Fork River.


"In Aug. of 2003, we filed an administrative appeal, asking the Forest Service to take a good hard look at the environmental soundness of the proposed mine and the agency’s flawed environmental analysis, so that we wouldn’t have to turn to the federal courts to do so. The agency rejected our appeal. In June 2008, we were one of four conservation groups to file federal suit to block activity at the proposed Rock Creek Mine.
We continue also to carry on with a state lawsuit we and other conservation groups filed against Montana’s Dept. of Environmental Quality. As lead plaintiff, we filed the suit in the winter of 2002 after DEQ violated its own reclamation and water quality laws when it issued the necessary state permits for the mine without conducting a ”non-degradation review” to see how project-area waterways would be affected. In December 2008, a Montana Supreme Court ruling voided a state water discharge permit for Rock Creek, delaying the proposed copper and silver mine that would tunnel beneath the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness. The ruling came as a result of a lawsuit filed against DEQ by the Clark Fork Coalition, Trout Unlimited, the Rock Creek Alliance, Cabinet Resource Group and Montana Environmental Information Center.

Rock Creek Mine

Kitco News) - The sun is adding some shine to the silver market.
One of the growing industrial uses for silver is photovoltaic cells in solar panels as the world seeks alternative forms of energy, metal consultancies said. There has been a jump in such demand in recent years, and analysts said millions more ounces of silver may be consumed for this over the next decade.
“Solar panels will probably be one of the leading industrial uses,” said Jessica Cross, CEO of VM Group. Kitco Exclusive News
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