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Private debate


R.I.P. Léo
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Oct 2, 2006
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I'd like to debate and try to find a kind of "ME peace agreement" that would be acceptable by both me and Apocalypse.

I think he agreed about that, we'll do it when he has some free time.

Would it be possible to create a thread where only me and him (and the mods) can post?

I also proposed to switch sides, but we could do that later, and maybe with another poster.
Currently, the system no longer allows private debates. However, off the top of my head the best alternative I can think of would be to create a "social group" that is public but invite only. Then invite only those you wish to participate. The mod team will respond to reported posts. Then inside your group, you can create reverse debates or topical threads based on a specific event/issue.

You would have control over who can post. It might prove a great experiment.
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