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Presidential Candidate Death Match 2016


Wading Through Bull****
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Jun 28, 2013
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Rhode Island
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So I was typing up a reply to Shillary's new Trump attack ad and it occurred to me just how freaking awesome it would be if there was a Celebrity Death Match style confrontation between the two, and how naming a few of their signature moves would chance for true wit to shine through. I give you my work so far, and ask, for the sake of finding something to laugh about in this sad sad election, that you all add in anything that comes to mind and might be worth a chuckle.


Holy Hand Grenade (reluctantly handed over by Ted Cruz)
I'm Rubber You're Glue, Look Your **** Bounced Back At You
Media Mastermind
Decibels of the Demagogue
Invincibility of the Ignoranus


Force Field of Feminism
Stacked Deck
Tampon Torpedo
Corporate Cash Cryo Cannon
The Guatemalan Gun Grab
The Bosnian Bullet Dodge
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