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President Trump Poached $750,000 of Art From Ambassador’s Home in Paris (1 Viewer)


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Jul 17, 2020
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I don’t think much in the WH fits with Trump’s taste in interior design.


That's the way it's always been with Trump. If he sees something that he wants, he just takes it. So when he leaves the WH, whenever that is, everything needs to be tied down or he will no doubt loot it of art and other items worth millions of dollars and will claim that he has a right to do so "because I was president".

The Picture was a copy, when told that he said he like this one better, as if he knew what the original actually looked like. They will all be sent back February 2021 by President Biden.
he could adorn his mistresses condos with the fakes.
The picture of Trump’s penthouse is a perfect representation of the man, himself. Garish, obnoxious, and proof that wealth doesn’t equal class.

But he will still steal whatever he thinks he can get away with when he leaves the WH, whenever that is.
But he will still steal whatever he thinks he can get away with when he leaves the WH, whenever that is.

Other presidents have already tried that but it didn’t work out for them, if Trump tries to pull that stunt it will not work out for him

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