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President TRump is such an obscene and vulgar person


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Dec 1, 2017
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GOP Masquerade Party

Right wing ALEC Puppets demonstrate dishonesty and lack of concern for over the top campaign spending. Why would anyone want this right wing organization managing anything?

What type of management has this masquerading group provided to the USA over the past 39 years?

--- Working towards dismantling and defunding public education:
Exposing ALEC's Agenda to Defund and Dismantle Public Education | HuffPost

--- Working Against Economic Growth Because A Democrat Is In the White House
Did Republicans deliberately crash the US economy? | Michael Cohen | Opinion | The Guardian

--- Reagan/Bush Subprime Lending Scandal
The Bush Brothers are Bank Robbers

--- Bush/Cheney Subprime Lending Scandal

*What is the difference between a Ponzi scheme and a housing bubble? | Dollars & Sense

*FBI Kills RUSH's "Blame the Borrower Meme" and Ignore the Money Launderers UPDATED

--- Where Did The Bailout Tax Dollars Go and How Were Our Bailout Tax Dollars Distributed?

--- Why Would A Sitting President Lie About The State of Social Security Insurance?

Why Has The Right Wing Borrowed Trillions of Social Security Insurance Dollars To Cover The Cost of Their Tax Cuts and The wars?

* http://www.fedsmith.com/2013/10/11/ronald-reagan-and-the-great-social-security-heist/

* http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/...owed-your-SocialSecurity-Money-for-their-Wars

--- Pay It Back


Perhaps the above demonstrates a lack of management skills within this party masquerading as republicans?
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