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President Clinton Visits Newsmax


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Monday, August 16, 2010 07:20 PM

Former President Bill Clinton took a break from his busy schedule in South Florida Monday to visit Newsmax Media and its founder and CEO, Christopher Ruddy. Clinton was in the area while making several stops to support Democratic candidates.

Clinton toured Newsmax’s headquarters in West Palm Beach, and had a private meeting with Ruddy. Later, he posed for photographs with Newsmax staff.

“It is wonderful seeing you all," said the affable Clinton, who was dressed casually and clearly enjoyed himself as he shook hands, walking around the office and chatting with employees.


President Clinton, Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy
in Mr. Ruddy's office.

Later, Clinton was the focal point of a group photo in the Newsmax lobby.
“What a great group of people you have here,” the president said.

The president and Ruddy have become friends over the past several few years, with both sharing Clinton’s passion for the causes that his Clinton Foundation supports. The foundation focuses on poverty alleviation and health services in the United States and globally.

“I am a great admirer of President Clinton," Ruddy said. "He has not only redefined the post-presidency, but has served as an exemplary goodwill ambassador for our country throughout the whole world. His efforts transcend politics and deserve support."

Okay libs, take your best shot. :lamo
I've let'em speechless. :lamo
Your point?

Okay libs, take your best shot. :lamo

What's your point, this just shows you that Clinton doesn't hold grudges. He has also become friendly with Richard Mellon Scaife who funded the Arkansas Project that went after him even before he became President.
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