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Preserving the TRUE record of what happened when over 100 people were shot at the LGTB nightclub

We need to remember that the Obama FBI - operating under Obama's new rules about Muslims - allowed an Iranian Muslim Cleric to travel to Orlando - with his announcing on YouTube videos and this reported literally on American news television - that he was going to tell Muslims to murder homosexuals. Obama's team saw no problem with him having a VISA.

A Muslim, 1st generation son of Muslim immigrants, told fellow workers he was going to shoot a lot of people. They reported this to Obama's FBI. Obama's FBI under his new rules about Muslims, said that's ok. Then when a gun shop called claiming a guy wanted to buy lots of ammo for a rifle called Obama's people, they told the gun shop to sell him the ammo and guns. This was after that Muslim attended the meeting of the Iranian Muslim Cleric who told him that Allah has sentenced homosexuals to death.

Thus, Obama's people may as well have ordered the slaughter.

Then, with local police had the Muslim terrorist - who claimed on the phone this was retaliation for the USA's involvement in the M.E. and declaring Allah Akbar! - which would allow rescuing wounded people bleeding to death. However, the Obama FBI ordered the local police out and for nearly 2 hours allowed everyone bleeding out in the club to die - because their only concern was saving the Muslim. Didn't matter how many of the victims died.

When it was over, the Obama administration declared the shooter was lying and that his motive was not radical Islam. Rather, they claimed he did it because he was a homosexual - and thus homosexuality caused him to become a mass murderer.

If Clinton had won and the Militia was planning to kill Republicans, the FBI would have been ordered to stand down, just like the FBI was ordered under Obama to stand down to a plot to kill LGTBs so transparent it was literally announced on YouTube and local television news before that attack happened. The Obama FBI was aware of this and was ok with it.

While many people believe ANYTHING the FBI says and support everything they do, I do not. I evaluate on evidence and merits, not FBI press releases.
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