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prepping for a race war; Trump is their 'ray of hope'


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Feb 12, 2013
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Thankfully this is not in the US....yet.


...why, after barely touching on African issues during his administration, had the American president chosen to focus on a domestic debate in South Africa?

And, more importantly, how had the fate of a few thousand white South African farmers become a regular feature on Trump’s favored Fox News?

Hmm...gee. I wonder why?

South Africa has become a twisted meme for the far right online. A favorite for extreme right-wingers like Katie Hopkins, a British provocateur, and Laura Southern, a Canadian alternative media personality, who have developed a substantial following.

Yes. Our president--he is a favorite among White Supremacists. Woo hoo.
There will be NO physical unpleasantness between the major ethnicities in the United States of America.

In one hundred or two hundred years' time, the various ethnicities will, however, have a meeting and agree to a peaceful division of this nation.

In other words, they will "Yugoslavia" this nation.

(Native Americans will finally become truly sovereign.)
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