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Prediction: Sadaam will NOT get death penalty! (1 Viewer)

Stu Ghatze

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Aug 30, 2005
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It is my belief that regardless of the outcome of Sadaam's trial, ..he will NOT get the death sentence.

Already there are "some" forces in America, & within the international community at work who are attempting to portray Sadaam as a victim of American aggression, & a victim of U.S. imperialism!

And....some of those sympathizing bastards even reside within the confines of the U.S. senate who are still trying to accuse America of instituting an unjust,& "so called"; illegal war.

And....I'm even sure many of those same would do their utmost to even try to grace the butcher from Baghdad with American constitutionary rights, ...IF they thought they could get away with it without incurring the wrath of the American voters! ;)

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